Is it really ok not to be ok?

In my last two blogs I’ve briefly touched upon how I’ve been a little sad and down in the dumps in the last few weeks due family complications. Yet tonight I began thinking about life and happiness whilst re-reading my blogs and wondered if I was giving the true perception of the last few weeks. I highlighted the issue of being sad and didn’t give adequate validation to the feelings I was experiencing, instead made a fleeting comment about it and then focused on what I had done to cope with the hard hitting stuff -exercise. This got me thinking and tonight seems like a good time to address the topic of ‘Is it really ok not to be ok?’ 

I was just scrolling through my social media accounts and all the status’ or photographs were positive and uplifting, which made me question was everyone really super happy? Am I the only one going through stuff? If the answer to both of those questions is no; then why are people so unwilling to talk about the messy complicated stuff? Or is it because if they do discuss it the feedback given by others is that they are attention seeking? Why aren’t people praised for being honest and vulnerable? I am guilty of pretending on social media that life is perfect and I’m full of the rays, I’ll post a happy chappy photograph or like a positive comment, when in reality I’m crying into my pillow, with mascara and snot running down my face. I’ll take 99 photographs just to get the ‘perfect candid’ Instagram post, even going to the extreme of using the hashtag ‘#candid’; when everyone is probably fully aware this is far from reality. Social media isn’t a true representation of a persons life; everyone looks prettier, skinner and happier on social media (especially if it’s a good filter). I think it’s when you’re in your most unhappiest place that you need to put your phone down, focus on what you do have and be present in the moment with people who love you. Put the focus away from social media and surround yourself with people you can be genuinely authentic with. It’s those people that have dragged me out of my self pity sorrowful state and encouraged me that everything will be fine and I’ve got to hold onto the faith. I am very fortunate to have some of the best people around me, who are always there for me and give me phenomenal advice whilst remaining nonjudgemental and mutual to the situation.

I am so aware of the challenges of a broken heart, damaged relationships and friendships, family problems, employment issues and financial concerns. For me when life sucks, everything else around me seems to be exaggerated; little things that I’d normally not be bothered about makes me so angry. If I am hurt, then my skins appears to become more spotty, my stomach gets bigger and I generally feel meh. And instead of reminding myself that I’m simply having a bad day or season, I get myself into a rut, thinking I have a bad life and get deeper into my pit. Life is tough and difficult and all those feelings being experienced are real, valuable and adequate; and how one deals with the issues is completely ok yet be reminded that this is a season in life and one day soon it will get better. Be true to yourself and in the words of one of Jessie J hit song yes, it’s ok not to be ok. 

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