Bank balance, forgive me…

Everyone who knows me knows one of the things that makes me super happy and smile most is… shopping!! Oxford Street is like a dream and one of my treasured places within London! I went shopping recently and found the most loveliest coat from Topshop. As a teenager I hated coats (weird I know!). I didn’t wear one at all and would be that kid in short sleeves in winter whilst everyone else was in a hat, scarf, big coat, multiple layers, five pairs of socks and  thick boots (now I’m the one covered up head to toe in Winter!). It probably wasn’t until just before I went to university that I actually saw the benefits of wearing a coat and being warm, rather than thinking it was better to look good and be cold (for some reason I thought coats were uncool!). Now I’m constantly stalking people on social media, admiring their clothes and spying where they brought them from. 

After weeks of going into Topshop and eyeing up a dark navy puffer coat with a fur hood I decided to try it on. And like all good things… I disliked it haha! However I spotted a more sophisticated, edgy, rocky black suede coat so like a typical  girl I tried it on and ‘ummed and ahhed’ about it for a while before deciding that my love for it outweighed my bank balance. The inside of the coat is super soft and cosy, whilst the buckles on the outside of the coat and suede gives it uniqueness. Usually I’m not a fan of buckles yet I am making an exception today. I love how much I’ve bigged up the coat and you’ll see the photo and be like, yep a standard coat RT (looooool!!!). Well I’m super excited and I CANNOT wait to wear it. Can winter please hurry up?! Whilst in Topshop it would have be silly not to have a cheeky look around and see what other items I could add to my wardrobe. I brought a bag, a jumper and a Lola Cupcake -they are so scrumptious (yes I am doing healthy eating, but I’m allowed a treat every now and then -plus I’ve joined a gym and brought new Nike trainers to motivate me further, so ssh!). In the Oxford Street Topshop there is a cute little pop up store called Littlesmith that make personalised necklaces. My housemate was given one for Christmas and she gifted two of our university friends with them for Christmas too (I felt left out and wanted to get one too -jokes, but I did love hers so decided to get in on the action!). I decided I wanted mine to be a silver satin matte 4cm landscape bar with my first name engraved onto it (I did think of having a simple RT on it but decided against it). I love how all the necklaces are hand stamped and invidualised to the customers specific requirements; a great pressie to make someone feel super special. 

I went to a few other shops and brought a few clothing items and grabbed a CRUSSH raw juice, this time I tried the Energiser. It was a very similar taste to the previous one I had tried, yet had less ingredients. I’m planning to go back and have a third juice this week (I think I’m addicted!). 

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