National Green Juice Day

Aren’t you guys lucky? Three new blogs within 24 hours (or maybe I just have way too much time on my hands!). Firstly thank you so much for reading this blog post, I love writing and find this blog so exciting -I nearly forgot to say I reached 1000 views in the early hours of the morning. So exciting that so many have taken the time to read my blogs (I hope you’re liking reading them as much as I enjoy writing them). 

I have a few days off from work (my rota was good this week!) and my muscles aches so much after I hit the gym yesterday and thought I was fitter than I was -I’m feeling it today. I didn’t want to sit around feeling sorry for myself so this morning I decided to walk 6 miles (there and back!) to the closest CRUSSH to grab a juice (plus I wanted an excuse to wear my new coat!). I do have a tiny obsession with their raw juices -today is my third visit of the week. I feel so much better since my health kick and received multiple compliments from people saying that I’m looking brighter, fresh and more radiant, maybe as a result of the juices?! 

Interesting fact: Today is National Green Juice Day… so it was rather fitting to get a green juice after all (shame this wasn’t the actual reason I got one!) 

I picked the green raw juice which was packed full of cucumber, celery, kale, spinach and ginger (there was probably a few more ingredients but I wasn’t paying much attention -Spotify was being annoying!). I’m not going to pretend I enjoyed it as to be honest I didn’t. It wasn’t horrible, it was simply fine, but it definitely wasn’t as nice as the previous two juices I have tried. I love the strong taste of ginger and this juice was great for that after taste, yet the flavour that stood out most was cucumber. The initial taste was cucumber and as I’m not a huge fan of it at all it, I didn’t manage to finish the drink -next time I’ll see if I can ask for the cucumber not to be added!

I did rather like the colour of the juice as it makes me feel I’m being super healthy and fit (everyone wants to feel like that surely?) although I can see why some would be put off by it. I also decided to try the Ape Coconut Bites as I had seen them being advertised but never brought them. They are simply delicious. They are baked and have the most weirdest yet yummiest texture. They are one of those snacks you just want to keep eating -which is why it’s so handy there is only 148 calories per pack. I have been snacking on them all afternoon; I so want my jump on my housemate and wake her up so she can try them (it’s sooooo difficult resisting the urge to gobble them up!) afterall sharing is caring. I’m going to see if they are available in a multipack so I can take them to work as an alternative to crisps.  The bites are also gluten free and high in fibre and I would assume is both vegetarian and vegan.  

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