Attempting Deliciously Ella’s pesto pasta recipe 

After my earlier blog I decided to make an effort and cook a nice meal for porg (my housemate) and myself. I recently followed Deliciously Ella on Instagram and her photographs of meal ideas are gorgeous. I wanted to recreate one of her dishes so picked the simplest recipe I could find (I’m not a great chef, not going to lie!) which was a pesto pasta dish. I followed the majority of her recipe which included spinach and peas topped with pine nuts and chilli flakes. I did add watercress and rocket as I was unable to buy singular spinach; I also used less pesto sauce -in hindsight I should have used more as it would have tasted better (I’m learning!). 

The aim;

The reality;

I use to eat so much pasta whilst at university and never explored what foods I could add to it, instead sticking with typical foods such as tuna and sweetcorn. I cannot wait to try more of her ideas in the future. Deliciously Ella has motivated me to be more acutely aware of what products I am eating and how basic foods can be made tasty and yummy if done well. On a final note, I’ve just realised all I’ve consumed today has been green -my green raw juice and this pesto meal (bar the coconut bites!). 

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