Yesterday one of my CLOSEST BESTEST FULL OF LIFE AND RIDICULOUSLY FUN AND CARE FREE friend came to London and we had the BEST day! My friend, AL and her brother Joe, along with porg and myself went for lunch to a Korean restaurant called Arang, close to Piccadilly Circus tube station. We all had never tried Korean food so it was super exciting and none of us knew what to expect. As soon as we finished ordering, the waitress brought us multiple side dishes of pickled cabbage, seasoned beansprouts and mustard potato salad and soup. For mains, porg and I kept with what we know; egg fried rice and chicken -can’t go wrong with that can we? Whilst AL and Joe went for more eccentric dishes (just imagine; belly pork, prawn castles and mountains of garlic!). 

We then took the tube to Hyde Park and hired Borris Bikes and cycled around for hours. INTERESTING FACT: I did not learn to ride a bike until I was 19 years old (my childhood wasn’t as straight forward as most!) and since learning four years ago I hadn’t been on one (at 19 I went to a park and with the help of my mum I did what every 3 year old had to do -have their mum run alongside them and then let them go *you are never too old to learn a new skill*). After a wobbly start and several near misses with the railings and other bikers, I started to get into the swing of it and ride confidently. I got a little too confidence *cocky* at one point and took one hand off the handles which resulted in me nearly crashing into porg and narrowly avoiding a puddle (it’s a good job I have long legs). 

Hyde Park is so beautiful at the moment and we found the prettiest blossom tree *any excuse to have a photoshoot*. Despite it drizzling with rain I had the best day -full of laughs, genuine moments and banter. My bottom aches ridiculously today though and my arms are really sore -sitting down is very painful! Despite this I am soooo grateful for life and cannot wait for more fun filled exciting days. 

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